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ACID BOX is a powerful 303 emulation plugin with many features, a faithful sequencer and integrated effects for Mac, Windows and Linux OS (32/64-bit - VST, Audio Unit).

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The Acid Box is a Bass Line Synthesizer, a recreation of the iconic TB-303 Bass Line synth with  a new interface and some more features.

Which makes it easier for you to create real-time sequences and tweak them in a live situation.
You can use it as a standalone application, or as a plugin, with VST host software.

4 control modes: host sync, internal sync, MIDI sync, Midi In.
Up to 32 patterns, you can also load patterns banks and trigger them in studio or live situations.
4 Distortion units with different grains.
1 Delay, with sync and ping pong mode.
1 Sequencer, with midi in keyboard input to ease your sequencing. 

- Various ways and options to export or import your sequences, patterns and banks in multiple formats. All are very easy to use.

- Lifetime updates!

Watch the ACID BOX teaser (on Youtube): CLICK HERE

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